Here are some pictures of past projects done for satisfied customers.











Custom 37' center console.










47' gun boat built for a foreign gov.










20' designed and built hull.











Fold down console for a 36' espress cruiser.











Custom one of a kind sliding helm deck giving access to the engine room.











One piece lifting helm deck with detailed under side.











Same helm deck as above.









Finished vessel.











    A pilot house custom built to fit 32' to 38' models for a premier builder.

this was designed By our friends at GTS Marine and built by LaRosa to

satisfy a contract with D.O.D and Homeland security.











Another view of above Pilot House.











Custom designed 42' Hull plug in it's early stages of fairing.











Deck plug for above hull. This shows the forward cockpit.











This is the console area for the above deck.











This is the fordeck of the above deck.











This is the aft deck of a 36' express cruiser.











This is the helm deck area for above deck.











This is the beginning stages of a 30' race deck canopy.











Interesting note: this glass conopy is from an F16 fighter jet.











This is a 22' deck built on a hull we mdified for the owner.











This is a stringer mold for a major bass boat builder.














This is a sole (floor) mold for the same builder as above.











This is a 27'  center console deck cap.











This is the cockpit liner for the above cap.