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Cabo Sportfishers

"  Dear George,

              Henry and I would like to convey to you what a great

job you have done on our 31' deck plug. It is one of the finest

pieces of tooling we have ever produced.


Thanks for bearing with us thru all the changes and delays. "


Henry Mohrschaldt, Pres.                  Michael Howarth, V.P.









Cabo Sportfishers

    " There are nothing but good things to say about George. He is a hard

working, resourceful, punctual, reliable and a highly skilled and versatile

tooling man. He did demonstrate conciderable competence as a tooling

designer with a good background in CAD engineering.

     Amoung other projects, George was responsible for tooling the decks

for our Cabo 35 Express and Cabo 31 Express. Both are examples of the

very high caliber work he is able to produce.

    We are very sorry to lose George, and would welcome him back at any time. "

       Sincerely, Henry A. Mohrschaldt, Pres. 








Fountain Powerboats

    "  George has proven himself as a highly competent Desgn

Engineer. His talents have provided us with many success' in this

area. His work is approached diligently and details are never


    Quality is #1 at Fountain Powerboats, Inc. George has positively

contributed to improving our quality standards.

    We were proud to have George as part of the Product Development

Team at Fountain Powerboats, Inc. "

Reggie Fountain, C.E.O.                     Gary Bridges, V.P. Eng.







Fountain raceing







Monterey Boats

   "  George has been a great asset to Monterey Boats as we

continue to expand our boat line rapidly.

     George is a fast and accurate lofter and pays attention

to every detail.

     I personally recommend George as a honest hardworking

builder, we will miss hm. "

     Reggie Rose, V.P.

Arnow Powerboats

  "  George has proven himself to be a knowledgeable,

hardworking builder.

    We here at Aronow Powerboats were proud to

have him as  a part of our team. "

Gary Garbrecht, Pres.                        Kerry Gaeraghty, V.P.











Darado Marine

More to come