About Us

          LaRosa Design was founded

as a marine design and engineering

firm in 1989. Since then the

company has provided design,

 engineering and tooling

 assistance to some of America's

                                                                             top yacht manufacturers.

      LaRosa Design has provided exclusive contract services to the

marine construction industry, includng design, tooling, and production

engineering, tooling construction, new product research and implementation,

 existing product development and redesign, special project supervision,

 and tooling and production personnel training.









        LaRosa's owner and Chief Designer/Builder, George Daly, has well

over 30 years experience in the FRP industry. His vast knowledge of tooling

 and tooling design has helped numerous manufacturers make their goals

and dreams a reality. With the majority of his experience in the marine industry.











           George has also successfully undertaken several automotive

and aviation projects as well.


           LaRosa employs conventional tooling practices, but also has

expertise in CNC, RTM, Vacuum, Compression and Infusion processes,

 as well as Metal fabrication, Plastic Injection and Pour molding.











               George has also written and set up "Standard Operating Procedures"

(SOP's) guidelines, including production and tooling operations for some of

the marine industry's top manufacturers.

                             LaRosa Design Mission Statement:

 To profitably produce the highest quality research and development-

          related services in the F.R.P. industry, at an affordable

                          cost to its prized customers.




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